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Platforms and Energy Facilities

Allcool provides specialist support for energy companies, including those that operate offshore platforms. We have specially trained engineers who are able to work on offshore platforms to install and maintain vital infrastructure such as air conditioning systems, heat pumps and dehumidifiers.

Offshore Support

We have a successful track record of supporting clients with wind farms and offshore high voltage stations. We recognise the importance of minimising downtime risks, and the special safety considerations that all offshore workers must observe.

Wind Farms

Our engineers are qualified to install and maintain systems in both offshore substations and onshore grids. Chosen for their proven reliability, these systems ensure a strictly controlled climate in terms of temperature, relative humidity and air quality, and thereby help to ensure optimum operation of any on-site electrical and electronic equipment.

Cooling is particularly important on OHV stations because such platforms are subject to considerable heat dissipation, and if this heat is not effectively managed, vital equipment can fail. Conversely, equipment can also suffer in low temperatures, so an efficient heating system may be essential in the winter months. Fortunately, we design and install systems that address a range of challenges very efficiently.

• Cooling
• Heating
• Humidity control
• Air quality

We will gladly advise you on product specification, system design, and installation plans that keep site disruption to a minimum.