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Mitsubishi (and their air conditioning systems) have long been one of our preferred manufacturers to work with. Their air conditioning systems are high quality, robust and have cutting edge technology included in their design. The use of the Mitsubishi MELCloud, Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioning systems have become even more sophisticated but user friendly and economical at the same time. Today in part two of our series, on Air Conditioning and the Internet of Things.

What Is the Mitsubishi MELCloud?

The Mitsubishi MELCloud is a cloud-based control system along with an app that has been designed to allow users to control Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning and heating systems (Heat Pump) from any location. The great advantage is that it gives the users the ability to precisely control room temperature and other environmental settings through a compatible computer network to which the users smartphone, tablet or PC is connected.
The control apps themselves are nothing new to smart phone users as it is possible to purchase generic or other brand-specific smartphone apps that link up to a thermostat control via Bluetooth when the user is situated in the building.
Mitsubishi MELCloud goes one step further. Your internet connected smart phone (app) is linked through the cloud to advanced control cloud based software, which then interfaces with your air conditioning system or unit through a Wi-Fi adapter which is linked via your router to your AC systems control logic systems. This means you can control your air conditioning from anywhere, in the world or just sitting in your lounge.
Mitsubishi MELCloud also allows you to access local to up-to-date weather information, including air temperature and humidity for your location. This lets you accurately fine tune your systems environmental controls with correct triggers to ensure your building environment is always at it's most optimum comfortable setting. This can be adjusted at any time, or a different set of parameters entered to allow the app to control it automatically for you. The result being a more responsive air conditioning and heating system, This has the added benefit of providing greater comfort and being far more economical to operate.

Uses For Commercial Customers

Commercial customers can equally benefit from Mitsubishi MELCloud, especially when it is connected up to one of Mitsubishi Electric’s new, energy-efficient Air Conditioning systems. The developed app’s Smart Environmental Monitoring Tools make it easy to adjust and control the environment in different rooms of a building. We can say goodbye to the problem of the air conditioning system freezing themselves in one room whilst in another they are walking around in T Shirts.
The Mitsubishi MELCloud gives you accurate and precision control of your commercial building environment, letting you create a comfortable ambience that suits the needs of the building users.

Compatible Devices

The Mitsubishi MELCloud can be accessed from any internet connected PC, tablet and smartphone. It automatically adjusts the user inrface (UI) to match the device screen size, with all features available on every device. On a connected PC or Mac, you can use Mitsubishi MELCloud with almost all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. On mobile devices you can access the app through app stores on Apple and Google play. Mitsubishi MELCloud has full native support for both iOS and Android operating systems.

How Is Your Air Conditioning Performing?

If you have found that your Air Conditioning equipment is not operating to it's optimum, then please contact us, we are able to come out and asses the equipment and recommend a solution or rectify it immediatly, please feel free to contact us today to find out more about Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and how we can assist.
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