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Allcool (NW) Ltd is always looking to the future of air conditioning and it's control and management.

Device connectivity is steadily integrating all facets of our lives and existence ―― As IoT adoption continues to escalate, what has become increasingly more important is the value of user experience (UX) to stir customer emotions. To this end, the UI design plays a crucial role in shaping this value of user experience.
With the increase in applications remotely operating unseen devices, people are more likely to experience feelings of anxiety and discontent as they become further removed from actual operation.
Recognizing this, Daikin has embarked upon "visualization of air" and have incorporated this concept in the design of applications that "operate air." Not only are devices like air conditioners, air purifiers, and environmental sensors hidden from view, the experiences these devices provide to users, such as temperature change, are also unseen. In the Age of IoT, unseen devices are rapidly increasing, and I would like to convey just how UI design can be used to generate even higher UX by highlighting some examples of these invisible operations.

Operating the invisible air by unseen devices

"Daikin Smart APP" is a remote controller application used for residential-use air conditioners and features a UI design that makes it a pleasure to operate air. Here we reconstructed the design by narrowing down the functions necessary for operation and designed a simple, easy-to-see layout. With often used functions and information shown prominently in the screen design, the remote controller is uncluttered and can be operated intuitively by just looking at the graphic images expressing each function.
Icons having the highest frequency of use are arranged in the middle of the operation screen in the design of a circle. In this way, operation mode, such as power ON/OFF, cooling, heating, and ventilation, and current temperature can be instantly identified. The smooth scroll operation enables simple temperature control, and the changes in color graduation correspond to the set temperature, giving users an actual sense of operating the invisible air and adjusting comfort levels.
Because air conditioners have become an essential part of our daily lives in both Japan and countries worldwide, a need has arisen from the growing popularity of IoT for a common global standard in applications. Even for air conditioners, the concepts of "hot" and "cold" and their expression often differ according to country and region, and we have made an extensive investigation of these tendencies. In addition to a layout with multiple languages and the use of pictograms, we have also incorporated extended function settings corresponding to the preferences of each country.
Pursuing greater UX from both perspectives of intellect and emotion.
If you would like to discuss how AllCool (NW) Ltd can help control your home or company air conditioning equipment, we would love to hear from you.
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Mitsubishi MELCloud

Mitsubishi (and their air conditioning systems) have long been one of our preferred manufacturers to work with. Their air conditioning systems are high quality, robust and have cutting edge technology included in their design. The use of the Mitsubishi MELCloud, Mitsubishi Electric Air conditioning systems have become even more sophisticated but user friendly and economical at the same time. Today in part two of our series, on Air Conditioning and the Internet of Things.

What Is the Mitsubishi MELCloud?

The Mitsubishi MELCloud is a cloud-based control system along with an app that has been designed to allow users to control Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning and heating systems (Heat Pump) from any location. The great advantage is that it gives the users the ability to precisely control room temperature and other environmental settings through a compatible computer network to which the users smartphone, tablet or PC is connected.
The control apps themselves are nothing new to smart phone users as it is possible to purchase generic or other brand-specific smartphone apps that link up to a thermostat control via Bluetooth when the user is situated in the building.
Mitsubishi MELCloud goes one step further. Your internet connected smart phone (app) is linked through the cloud to advanced control cloud based software, which then interfaces with your air conditioning system or unit through a Wi-Fi adapter which is linked via your router to your AC systems control logic systems. This means you can control your air conditioning from anywhere, in the world or just sitting in your lounge.
Mitsubishi MELCloud also allows you to access local to up-to-date weather information, including air temperature and humidity for your location. This lets you accurately fine tune your systems environmental controls with correct triggers to ensure your building environment is always at it's most optimum comfortable setting. This can be adjusted at any time, or a different set of parameters entered to allow the app to control it automatically for you. The result being a more responsive air conditioning and heating system, This has the added benefit of providing greater comfort and being far more economical to operate.

Uses For Commercial Customers

Commercial customers can equally benefit from Mitsubishi MELCloud, especially when it is connected up to one of Mitsubishi Electric’s new, energy-efficient Air Conditioning systems. The developed app’s Smart Environmental Monitoring Tools make it easy to adjust and control the environment in different rooms of a building. We can say goodbye to the problem of the air conditioning system freezing themselves in one room whilst in another they are walking around in T Shirts.
The Mitsubishi MELCloud gives you accurate and precision control of your commercial building environment, letting you create a comfortable ambience that suits the needs of the building users.

Compatible Devices

The Mitsubishi MELCloud can be accessed from any internet connected PC, tablet and smartphone. It automatically adjusts the user inrface (UI) to match the device screen size, with all features available on every device. On a connected PC or Mac, you can use Mitsubishi MELCloud with almost all major browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. On mobile devices you can access the app through app stores on Apple and Google play. Mitsubishi MELCloud has full native support for both iOS and Android operating systems.

How Is Your Air Conditioning Performing?

If you have found that your Air Conditioning equipment is not operating to it's optimum, then please contact us, we are able to come out and asses the equipment and recommend a solution or rectify it immediatly, please feel free to contact us today to find out more about Mitsubishi Air Conditioning and how we can assist.
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internet of things

Air conditioning and the Internet of Things

Every generation has made technological advances to create more comfortable living and working environments.
With the advent of the internet and a host of connected devices and an "Always connected society", we have seen the rise of the digital age and with it the pursuit of the optimum comfortable living and working environment. This always ON, always connected and device-to-device networks is referred to as “The Internet of Things”.

What actually is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things in its basic form is the binary or digital communication through a computer network without necessarily requiring any human intervention.
Each “thing”, and this could be your fridge, air conditioning system, television etc that is connected to a computer network would be assigned an IP address, This connectivity allows each "Thing" to send and receive information to and from any other “thing” much like a computer. This networked communication between each device means that any "thing" could receive instructions and process these instructions. For example, these instructions could be to increase or lower the temperature of your fridge or air conditioning system, or even place an order from your fridge when you have run out of milk! They can also provide information such as the accurate temperature of your fridge or room.

The Internet of Things and the HVAC Industry.

The possibilities are quite astounding when it comes to air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. The benefits are smarter, more efficient, more economical and more comfortable environments for all. It also allows us to communicate with the "Thing" and report on possible problems or areas we can develop "Smart" service and for it to notify other connected systems when a critical fault does arise.

Currently the "Internet of Things", which is primarily based on machine-to-machine communication (commonly known as smart technology), allows you to control an air conditioning unit, heating system or a ventilation system using your smartphone, tablet, PC or other connected device. This allows users to control their system as long as they have a suitable internet connected device such as a tablet or smartphone etc. For the HVAC servicing company, this allows them to monitor and diagnose the HVAC systems without attending site and allows them, when required, to source parts far quicker.
Domestic customers are already seeing this change in their homes. British Gas has run a very successful campaign in recent years for their Hive Active Heating.  This has allowed people to be anywhere in the world and as long as they are connected to the internet, turn on or change their heating settings in their home.

Industrial and Commercial HVAC

In the industrial/commercial sector, this type of technology is already available with systems like Mitsubishi Electric’s MEL Cloud and the technology that can be found in Daikin’s Online Controllers. These online "Always ON" systems allow you to control, manage and diagnose your system, using your Smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world, without the use of a remote control and the need to be at the same location.
Mitsubishi Electric has described this product as “a new generation of Cloud based control for Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning and Ecodan Heating products that provides users with effortless control of their devices whether they are out or are just lying on their sofa at home.
“Accessing and controlling your Mitsubishi Electric products has never been simpler and is now possible via a wide range of PCs, tablets and smartphones".
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The Grand at Grasmere Cumbria - Country House Hotel - Second Phase

Air Conditioning in the Lake District | Phase ll

The second phase of the refurbishment works at The Grand at Grasmere has recently been undertaken with 8 bedrooms being fitted with Mitsubishi wall mounted Zen type air conditioning units.  Available in silver, black and white The Grand chose the silver units which were connected to PAC-LV11M LEV, allowing the split system to operate on the VRF system.  The units are controlled via simplified Mitsubishi remote controllers in each bedroom.  Via a third party passive infra red detector, the system is connected to the existing restaurant AE200 touch screen controller.
The laundry room PKFY wall unit has no local controller and is controlled from the AE200 located in the hotel reception.
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fleetwood town FC logoAllcool (NW) Ltd have always tried inso far as possible to assist local sports clubs. We are happy to announce that we have recently agreed to a seasonal Match Day sponsorship package with Fleetwood Town FC at Highbury and would like to take this opportunity to wish them all the best this season!
Paul Talarczyk - MD of Allcool NW Ltd
Paul Talarczyk - MD of Allcool NW Ltd 
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Allcool NW has covered the whole of Lancashire county in one form or another for over 40 years.
new vanWe like to see ourselves as your "Air Conditioning Contractors for Lancashire".
Allcool NW is a respected name in the Lancashire air conditioning industry.  Offering you a world class level of Air Conditioning supply, service and support. Allcool NW offer you an expert level of equipment, ensuring that the optimum capacity is supplied to ensure that the highest level of economy and energy saving can be achieved both in summer and winter if you have one of our enegy saving heat pump units that will heat in temperatures down to -5 degrees Celcius.
We are also agents for Mitsubishi and Daikin air conditioning systems

Optimum Energy Efficiency.

Today's air conditioning systems are finely tuned mechanical wonders offering optimum energy efficiency in both cooling and heating mode and are far more efficient than electrical space heaters. They also have the benefit of reducing the amount of dust and pollen in the air and well as having a positive impact on the room humidity.

Hotel Air Conditioning.

If you have a hotel or a bed and breakfast and would like to investigate ways of reducing your energy consumption and costs, then please contact us.  We will be more than happy to look at more efficient equipment to assist you in this area of commercial air conditioning. There are also Government incentives that are available to assist in certain areas that we would be happy to discuss with you.
In addition to being able to advertise that you have air conditioning, offering reduced energy consumption making your property more "Green", it will also therefore make your establishment more attractive to guests.

Industrial Air Conditioning.

Industrial air conditioning efficiency and running costs can be dramatically reduced with regular maintenance or with investigating the supply and installation of new equipment.  There are local Government grants available to assist you in meeting these costs and complying with regulation for equipment where the total exceeds 12kw in total power consumption.
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Allcool Commerical Refrigeration North WestCommercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration North West

Allcool North West are commercial and industrial refrigeration engineers situated in Poulton-Le-Fylde, Blackpool, Lancashire in the North West of England. We have been servicing and operating out of Lancashire in England's North West since 1977.
We are able to supply, service, repair and maintain all your commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment including all of the following: under bar fridges, upright fridges, upright freezers, island freezers, cold rooms, walk in in fridges and walk in freezers, bottle coolers, water coolers, wine coolers, ice makers and chiller units for your shop, supermarket, superstore, hotel, pub or restaurant.
We also supply, service and maintain industrial air handling units, air dryers and ice flakers for the food processing industry.

Commercial Air Conditioning Refrigeration Contractors and Engineers for Lancashire in the North West

When your business relies on prompt, efficient and reliable refrigeration contractors and their engineers in the North West, to support your business, then look no further than Allcool (NW) Ltd  who have been assisting businesses all over Lancashire since 1977 with their commercial cooling and chilling requirements. We have highly trained and qualified staff to assist you with your equipment and maintenance and offer a 24 hour call out service.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment for the North West.

Allcool North West have been dealing with all the top commercial refrigeration manufacturers and suppliers for many years and are able to supply the equipment that is best suited to your requirements and budget. Below are a few of the more common types that we have been asked to supply and maintain.
  • Under counter fridges
  • Under counter freezers.
  • Upright fridges and freezers.
  • Island fridges.
  • Island freezers.
  • Cold rooms.
  • Walk in in fridges.
  • Walk in freezers.
  • Wine cellars.
  • Bottle coolers.
  • Water coolers.
  • Wine coolers.
  • Ice makers.
  • Chillers.

Maintenance of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment for the North West.

When your business relies on your ability to ensure that your equipment is well maintained and running at its optimum performance levels making sure that there is as little risk to your business as possible, Allcool NW have a number of maintenance options available to you in order to facilitate the ongoing maintenance of your equipment. For your peace of mind and to ensure that your commercial refrigeration equipment is well maintained and complies with current legislation, call the experts today.
We would love to hear from you so please drop us an email or call us today.

Air Conditioning North West

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