Air Source Heat Pumps for Homes

Years of air conditioning and air source heat pumps for heating and cooling.

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Heating and Air Conditioning

As a leading installer of air source heat pumps and air conditioning systems, Allcool provides a range of services for the home. We routinely work with:

• Homeowners
• Architects
• Housing developers
• Housing associations

Air Conditioning – Cost Effective and Versatile

Air conditioning can solve many of the problems that homes typically face. For example, we frequently install air conditioning units to regulate the temperature of bedrooms, kitchens, conservatories and other areas that can get uncomfortably hot. What’s more, we’ll often install systems that can be run in reverse cycle heating mode so that they work as very cost effective heat pumps. In this way, one affordable installation can keep a home comfortable all year round.

As an added bonus, a good air conditioning system can also help to filter air and to regulate humidity, reducing excess damp and condensation.

Choosing an Air Conditioning System

All air conditioning units extract warm air from a room, pass it through a heat exchange unit and return it as cold air. They operate on the same basic principle as the fridge in your kitchen.

Selecting a new air conditioning system can be daunting, but Allcool is here to help. As approved installers for the world’s most respected brands, we’re perfectly placed to give you the benefit of our many years of experience. We’ll give you impartial advice on product choice, where it should be located and how to make sure you pay the best possible price.

Air source heat pumps for living spaces

As residents become ever more conscious of energy costs and the environment, homes are increasingly being fitted with highly efficient heating systems. Air source heat pumps are an excellent example, and we’ve been fitting air source heat pumps for decades. Reliable and cheap to run, ASHP’s work particularly well.

Reliable and cheap to run, heat pumps work particularly well with underfloor heating systems but, properly designed and installed, they can help to reduce heating costs in most types of property.

Air Conditioning – Health Benefits

It’s obviously important to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature in the home, particularly if occupants are very young, old or otherwise vulnerable. An air conditioning system can certainly help with heating and cooling, but it can afford other benefits, too.

For example, in-built air filters will trap dust, pollen and other allergens, creating a better environment for people with respiratory problems. Units can also help to control humidity, reducing the risk of mould growth, which can be another source of respiratory health issues.