Heat Pumps or Reverse cycle heating

Heat pumps have been sold by Allcool North West for over 40 years. Almost all modern air conditioning systems are able to work as heat pumps  or what is refered to in a "reverse cycle heating" mode, this is a a very energy efficient means of heating. We have been supplying, installing and repairing heat pumps in and around Blackpool, Lancashire and North West for many years.
This means that your existing air conditioning units may have a dual heat pump / air conditioning function. Allcool (North West) Ltd can supply and fit new air conditioning units to your newbuild or existing premises that have a reverse cycle or heating function incorporated into the design - acting as cooling units in warm weather and heating units in winter - eliminating the need for additional and costly central heating or a stand alone space heater option.
This same "Heat Pump" principle can be applied to Industrial, commercial and domestic premises, providing a stable temperature and comfortable environment all year round.
The availability of grants, subsidies and reduced price schemes vary, but you can rely on Allcool to notify you should any assistance be available when you purchase a new system.
Mitsubishi, Daikin and Fujitsu all have ranges of advanced heat pumps available that will suit your requirements, making them the perfect solution to heat your home of work place premises.
Our pricing is very competitive and we offer a five-year manufacturers guarantee on all equipment fitted, where applicable. This also includes a one-year guarantee on installation and workmanship.
ECA Scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme) is a government initiative, designed to allow tax relief when investing in energy efficient equipment.
Contact Allcool (NW) Ltd to discuss the best options that are available to you.
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